Van Eyck was a remarkable Flemish painter, considered to be one of the most significant artists of the fifteenth Century. He portrayed the reflection of light caught by jewelry and gems in such a way that forces you to reach out and touch the painting. His ingenious approach to oil painting revolutionized artists’ technique, and changed the course of the Renaissance. Inspired by his incredible innovations, six hundred years later we chose to name our brand VAN EYCK as homage to the perfect marriage of beauty and virtuosic mastery.
In ancient times these birds were a symbol of status. They are distinctive not only because of their remarkable beauty, but because they represent something that stands out as unique and exceptional. The never before seen transformation is an example of how the familiar can become extraordinary.  This extraordinary talent and the birds’ undeniable beauty is the inspiration behind the collection.  
The high jewelry market is vibrant and innovative. Our goal was and is to push aside boundaries in order to provoke sensation and emotion at every meeting point. Today Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is established within the universe of luxury jewelry, alongside the world’s most beautiful brands. We work closely with our partners who follow us in our adventure and shared inspiration. We are excited to introduce our latest partners and we are honored to be working with them.
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