The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club event

30 October 2015|Award Event

We are very proud to be selected out of many candidates to be the official designer and creator of the golden trophy for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club gala dinner event. About 100 top VIP customers from Hong Kong and main land China of Edmond de Rothschild were invited. Edmond de Rothschild wealth management ensured the success of the Rothschild family for 250 years and has established itself over time as a leading player in European finance.

They showcased Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s fine wines from both old and new world vineyards, along with cellar-aged cheeses from the Rothschild farm in Le Domaine des Trente Arpents, France. Apart from that, guest could enjoy the lovely dinner made by the chef from the famous restaurant Bibo and the beautiful view from the gala dinner venue. It was absolutely stunning and also the skyline of Hong Kong was at its very best.

As Alon Garty, founder of Van Eyck, mentioned at the event we are very excited to collaborate with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club again, and we are even more excited to present our unique creation to the winners of this new regatta series.

We wanted to present a trophy unlike any other, we aspired to create something outstanding; and as a result, our team has been working incredibly hard to deliver new heights of innovation. This trophy sail is Gold plated with 24K Stainless steel and weight 1.8Kg. The Base is covered with lacquered with 32 layers of top quality lacquer.

We are truly honored to provide the Van Eyck Fine Jewelry trophy for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club!