When art meets jewelry

15 January 2016|Art Collection Event

On the 14th of January we have met a selective audience during a private session in the beautiful Red Square Art Gallery in Hong Kong. Among the audience, there were a few high profile celebrities and a former miss Hong Kong!

The Red Square Art Gallery was the perfect location for us to present our rings, as we always blend art and jewelry in order to make something familiar become extraordinary. Further, the location represents a common value of ours: helping and educating children as good as we can, or as Van Eyck¢s slogan says: ‘Als ik kan’. We emphasize the value of this slogan by supporting NGO’s like the ‘Papua Bird Club’, which is devoted to educate children in remote areas as well as preventing the extinction of the beautiful birds of Papua. We are committed to different associations as ‘Enlighten’, a charity which helps people with epilepsy, ‘Youth Diabetes Action’ that supports women and men fighting to advance the medical progress of youth diabetes and ‘Liberty Asia’ that works to prevent human trafficking and fights against slavery.

Apart from the champagne and exquisite food, guests could enjoy the paintings of Red Square Art Gallery and surrounded by these beautiful pieces of art, they could listen to the interesting story of our company, inspired by the great Belgian painter Jan Van Eyck.

Above all, guests had the privilege to see and wear our exclusive cocktail rings. This way they were able to experience the additional value of the jewelry themselves and confirm that we are not just another fine jewelry brand, but add on to the usual shopping experience. Especially when Alon Garty, founder of Van Eyck, showed the jewelry box that comes with the ring, the enthusiasm of the guests reached its maximum.

We are very happy with the positive reactions of all of you because enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.