Innovation at the Prudential Charm Night

30 January 2016|Award Event

We were honored to be elected as key speaker about innovation at the Prudential insurance management’s annual gala dinner that took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong on the 29th of January.

Innovation was the topic that Alon Garty, founder of Van Eyck, was asked to talk about as the guide line in our brand is always to think outside the box.

Among the 240 distinguished guests was the chief agency officer, director, senior regional directors, deputy chief agency officer… They were very impressed by the different approach of the brand and the inspiration behind it.

While enjoying a lovely dinner, guests had the chance to take a close look at our rings, to feel them and even to wear them.

This gala dinner turned out to be a great success. The guests were very enthusiastic about our rings and many people were interested to schedule an appointment in our new showroom.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank Prudential management for inviting us to this magical night.