Rapaport magazine quotes CEO of Van Eyck Fine Jewelry

17 February 2016|Press Coverage

Van Eyck Jewelry is proud to be featured in the Rapaport Magazine.  It’s an article in which our CEO, Mr. Alon Garty, gives his thoughts and insights on the current environment in diamond industry.

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 Extract from the article: “2015 was very challenging in the entire luxury world and we also felt a slowdown,” said Alon Garty, chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of luxury jewelry brand, Van Eyck, and diamond trading company, Windiam Asia. Van Eyck is a high-end fine jewelry brand that sells pieces in the $20,000 to $200,000 price range and targets high-net-worth individuals who already own diamond jewelry and are looking for something unique. “Our customers have money, but they are not in the mood to buy,” he said. On the wholesale side, last year was the worst year since the 2008 crisis, according to Garty. “It’s different from the 2008 crisis,” he said. “Prices crashed in 2008, but came back up after ten months and we had a lot of bargains and opportunities, but the current crisis has been ongoing since 2014 — 18 months — that’s a long time,” he added. Garty saw a slight pick-up in business toward the end of last year, mostly for large stones — 5 carats and above for fancy colors on an order-basis only and 10 carats and above for white diamonds.