Meeting with Alan Chan

A talk about inspiration and innovation

24 March 2016|Art Innovation Inspiration

In the world of fine art and jewelry, it’s important to take risks in order to stand out in this world. This can be done by blending highly creative design, rare gems, sharp craftsmanship, and fresh experiences. But above all we must remember that innovation and inspiration are the key to success.

Keeping these important words in mind, Alon Garty, founder of Van Eyck Fine jewelry, had the pleasure to meet for an interesting conversation about innovation and design with one of the most influential designers in Hong Kong – Alan Chan.

Alan has over 40 years of experience in the creation of art and more than 700 awards in the fields of advertising and design. Therefore, he is the perfect source of inspiration for Van Eyck Fine Jewelry in the continuous search for something new and innovative to amaze our customers.

“Walking into Alan Chan’s gallery is like walking into a museum,” Alon Garty said, “you can see that his gallery is not just filled with art, but with masterpieces that each has its own story”.

Alan Chan's Gallery

Alan Chan’s gallery

Thanks to his creative designs and good entrepreneurship, Alan Chan has established a strong reputation as brand consultant, artist and designer. After so many years in the business he still knows how to amaze the world with new perspectives and different of angles of views. His impressive career inspires us to continue the road to success.