Diamond Expertise

Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is dedicated to offering the world’s most exquisite diamonds to the most discerning eye. With buying offices in Angola, Congo and South Africa, we source directly from the mines. Based on our ability to buy rough on a global scale, we have the first hand to the rarest of diamonds. Each and every piece from our collection is created with the finest diamonds, and our jewels are recognized as the highest quality.

Responsible Sourcing

Windiam Bvba, the diamond dealing arm of Van Eyck Fine Jewelry, source all its diamonds from conflict free zones and works closely with the Kimberley process which is a UN organization that assures the miners have decent working conditions and that the money is not financing rebels or terrorist groups. Windiam Bvba has achieved re-certification by meeting the ethical, social and environmental standards established by “The Responsible Jewelry Council” based in England.

Jan Van Eyck

Inspired by and named after the remarkable Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck, Van Eyck values craftsmanship and inspired design above all else. Considered as one of the most significant artists of the fifteenth Century, Van Eyck’s defining approach to oil painting inspired and changed the way other artists painted over the next one hundred years. Van Eyck painted jewelry and precious stones that reflected light in a manner, which almost compels one to touch them. He was able to refine the existing techniques to such an extent that he achieved remarkably life-like images.

Als Ik Kan

Van Eyck’s personal motto, “ALS IK KAN” meaning “As I Can” and declaring that this is the best he could do, is one of the first and the most unique signatures in art history. Van Eyck is a name that symbolizes a blend of art and jewelry, a name with a strong European heritage and enduring legacy.


Antwerp has been one of the most illustrious and essential diamond capitals since the sixteenth century, a crossroad for most of the world’s rough diamonds. Even today, Antwerp retains this global position, cutting the rarest diamonds in the world with the legendary expertise that has been passed down through the generations.

The Eternal Dove

Marking the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II, The Diamond Jubilee was a multinational celebration extending throughout 2012. To celebrate the Jubilee, the British Jewelers Association launched a prestigious competition to create a commemorative diamond brooch for The Queen. The winning design, The brooch “The Eternal Dove” was designed by Ivonna Poplanska, Van Eyck Fine Jewelry’s Creative Director. Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II wore it on Christmas day 2012 in Sandringham.

Our Designer

Ivonna Poplanska is a London-based multi award-winning luxury jewelry designer. Over her ten year career she has designed and developed Haute Joaillerie pieces for royalty as well as international dignitaries and ultra-high net worth individuals. She has worked on numerous bespoke commissions including the creation of a brooch “The Eternal Dove” for Queen Elisabeth II presented in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee by the British Jeweler’s Association in 2012. Ivonna was selected as a Trendsetter in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2014, in principle partner The Company of Master Jewellers. According to Ivonna, “Van Eyck understands not only the emotion with which a client values a true high-end piece, but also the sense of legacy. Each piece is the product of more than one thousand hours of design, development, stone selection and finishes”.