Van Eyck Brand Policy And
Products Guarantee

Van Eyck was a remarkable Flemish Painter considered to be one of the most significant artists of the fifteenth century. 600 years later, we chose to name our brand VAN EYCK, inspired by the artist’s life story and incredible innovation, as a homage to the perfect marriage of beauty and virtuosic mastery. As such protection of the brand and clarity as to our guarantee policies is of significant importance to our business.

The following are general guidelines for the proper use of Van Eyck Jewelry Limited (hereafter “Van Eyck”) trademarks, service marks, and trade names (collectively, “Trademarks”) and Product Guarantee terms.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help us create strong goodwill and valuable rights to our valuable trademark rights, ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen the integrity of our brand. Any use of Van Eyck’s Trademarks or Product Guarantee terms that is inconsistent with these guidelines is strictly forbidden


1 General Fair Use Guidelines

1.1 Fair use of Van Eyck wordmarks may be made to: (1) make factual statements about Van Eyck, our products, or truthfully communicate an interest in Van Eyck’s products or original Van Eyck media. Also, permission is NOT required to use our trademarks when making factual statements that related to the use of authentic Van Eyck products personally, commercially or in a photo or video production.

1.2 Please note that prior written permission from Van Eyck is use any Van Eyck trademarks for commercial use, or to use the Van Eyck logo, or copyrighted materials for any purpose,

2 Use of Van Eyck’s Trademarks

2.1 Van Eyck’s trademarks, logos or stylizations of any wordmarks should not be used without the express written consent of Van Eyck.

2.2 The ™ or ® symbol, must always be used as appropriate based on the designations in our Trademarks.

2.3 When referring to a Van Eyck trademark, the following notice must be included:

“Van Eyck” is a registered trademark of Van Eyck Jewelry Limited in Hong Kong and other countries.”

This notice should be at the bottom of any applicable home page or at the bottom of any web pages that contain our marks and logos, or in any “About” section if used in connection with a specific Van Eyck partnership program. For printed materials, the notice should be placed in an appropriate location with other legal notices.

2.4 When referring to the company itself and its activities, the ® or ™ symbols should not be used. The use of these symbols is reserved for references to the brand & products.

2.5 Authorized distributors & media partners that have received written permission to use our trademarks, copyright, & designs for commercial purposes, and must always display Van Eyck graphical brand identity elements less prominently than our partner’s graphical brand elements.

2.6 Van Eyck should be notified when someone is NOT using our marks or logos properly. If & when anyone is found breaking any of our trademark usage rules, Van Eyck should be notified immediately via the Van Eyck website.

2.7 Van Eyck authorizes individuals, journalists, & educators to view & download Van Eyck trademark, copyright & company information for personal, journalistic, educational, or illustrative use only in print (book, magazine, newspaper, journal, reports, academic papers) or digital (web page, DVD, CD, .pdf) reproductions, with the following restrictions:

  1. Graphics, photos or text may NOT be superimposed over the information, nor may the colors or shapes be changed, or used to modify the look & feel of Van Eyck’s trademarks or service marks in any way;
  2. If Van Eyck’s trademarks or copyright are used in any publication, all of the proper trademark, copyright & proprietary notices on all copies of information, must be included.

2.8 Van Eyck retains the exclusive right to use the trademark(s) and copyright materials to establish the Van Eyck brand identity on all publicly available web platforms, including independently published websites (blogs, vlogs, news sources, online magazines), ecommerce enabled websites (online stores & 3rd party marketplaces), & community-based websites (forums, social networks) so that web users can easily distinguish authentic Van Eyck identities & content sources from counterfeit or false persons inaccurately identifying themselves as Van Eyck, an Official Media Partner, or a Van Eyck Authorized Distributor.

3 Prohibited Usage

3.1 Use of Van Eyck’s Trademarks or Service Marks are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Van Eyck name or Trademarks may NOT be used anywhere within the name of any company, product name, service name, or logos
  2. Altered versions of Van Eyck name or Trademarks or new graphics or text derived from Van Eyck copyrighted materials, may NOT be used for any purpose.
  3. Van Eyck’s Trademarks or misspellings of and such Trademarks may NOT be used in any domain name(s), host names, website subdomain(s), or any online identity, including website usernames, group names, avatars, member names, or community web pages.
  4. Stylized versions of Van Eyck wordmarks, taglines & slogans may NOT be used.
  5. Unauthorized use of Van Eyck’s graphical brand identity, visual designs, or look and feel of Van Eyck products, may NOT be used on any packaging, websites, and logos.
  6. Van Eyck’s name may NOT be used to imply any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, or other false association with us unless you received prior written permission from Van Eyck to do so.
  7. Van Eyck’s trademarks or logos may NOT be used on any website that contains or displays pornography, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under the age of 21, or otherwise violates any applicable law.
  8. Van Eyck wordmarks may NOT be used in meta data of informational web pages that are deemed irrelevant to Van Eyck products, or commercial web pages without first receiving written permission from Van Eyck.

4 Use in Merchandise & Manufactured Items

4.1 Normally, Van Eyck does not license its trademark(s), logo, or copyrighted materials, or any variations or derivations thereof, to 3rd parties for use in manufactured items. Therefore, you may NOT manufacture, sell or give-away any merchandise items that bear any of Van Eyck trademarks.

4.2 Authorized distributors, resellers, media partners, or licensees, should refer to their agreement with Van Eyck, or contact their Van Eyck representative to discuss specific usage guidelines.

5 Use of Trademarks & Copyright in Advertising & Promotions

5.1 Van Eyck has an obligation to defend its rights to its registered trademark(s) & copyright materials, and thereby protect the interests of consumers interested in learning about or buying authentic Van Eyck products by steering them away from counterfeit products or untrustworthy sources of information.

5.2 Only Van Eyck, Van Eyck Official Media Partners & Van Eyck Authorized Distributors are allowed to use Van Eyck trademark(s) & copyright materials for commercial purposes in advertising, promotional, & sales materials, and must do so only as specified in their contractual agreement with Van Eyck.

5.3 The use of Van Eyck trademarks & copyright material in advertising & promotional materials, such as print advertisements, online advertisements, classified advertisements & product listings, fliers, television advertisements, video advertisements, or online conversations may not be used without first obtaining specific written permission from Van Eyck to use the trademarks & copyright material in a given marketing channel and/or advertising venue.

5.4 Van Eyck does not permit the unauthorized use of images of Van Eyck products in 3rd party advertising & promotional materials. Such use of Van Eyck products in 3rd party advertising & promotional materials without first obtaining prior written permission to do so may create a false perception that Van Eyck sponsors or otherwise endorses the advertised or promoted person, product, company, or service when no such relationship exists.

5.5 Van Eyck Official Media Partners & Authorized Resellers are permitted to depict Van Eyck products in advertising & promotional materials in accordance with the guidelines & terms set forth in their formal agreement with Van Eyck.

5.6 To use Van Eyck’s trademark(s) or copyright materials in any way not already covered by this document, requires prior written permission from Van Eyck to do so.

5.7 To submit a request to use Van Eyck trademark(s) & copyright materials in any TV, film, broadcast, or online video production, please contact Van Eyck via the contact information available on the Van Eyck website


6 Product Guarantee

6.1 Van Eyck is dedicated to offering the world’s most exquisite diamonds and gemstones to the most discerning eye. With buying office in Angola, the Congo and South Africa we have access to the highest quality gemstones. Based on our ability to buy rough gemstones on a global scale, we have direct access to the rarest of diamond and other fine jewels.

6.2 Van Eyck works closely with the Kimberley Process initiative to ensure all of our jewels are ethically collected from conflict-free zones.

6.3 Van Eyck guarantees that each of its products is created with the finest diamonds and our jewels are realized to the highest quality thanks to our world class experience.

7 Warranty

7.1 Van Eyck warrants its fine Jewelry products against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase.

7.2 During the warranty period, if a defect arises in the product, and subject to the warranty conditions described below, Van Eyck will, at its sole option, to the extent permitted by law, either (i) repair the product using new or refurbished parts, at Van Eyck’s expense; (ii) replace the product with a new product that is equivalent to the product that is to be replaced; or (iii) refund all or part of the purchase price of the product.

7.3 The Warranty is subject to the following conditions: (i) Written notice of any claimed defect must be received by Van Eyck within the Warranty period; (ii) The Product must returned to Van Eyck in accordance with the instructions provided by Van Eyck or its authorized distribution partners; and (iii) Van Eyck personnel must have an opportunity to promptly and physically inspect the Product while it is in the claimed defective condition to verify validity of the claimed defect.

7.4 Van Eyck shall have no obligation to provide any repair, replacement, or refund until the defective product is returned to Van Eyck. A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product. [01] When a refund or replacement is given, the returned product becomes Van Eyck’s property.

7.5 The warranty does not cover damages arising from accidents or misuse, or from any alteration, service or repair performed by any party other that has not been duly authorized by Van Eyck.

7.6 Van Eyck does not offer a guarantee or repair service on any products purchased from any unauthorized retailer or 3rd party.

8 Trade-in Option

8.1 Where an existing customer wishes to purchase a new product of a higher value than their existing product the customer may trade in the existing product for a credit equivalent to 80% (eighty percent) of the original price paid for the product.

8.2 The Trade-in product must returned to Van Eyck in accordance with the instructions provided by Van Eyck or its authorized distribution partners for inspection.

8.3 Trade-in products must be in good condition and accompanied by the original receipt and certificates (where applicable). The condition of the returned product will be determined exclusively by Van Eyck.

The terms of this Brand Policy and Product Guarantee are subject to changes, amendments, insertions or deletions at any time as Van Eyck deems fit, without further notice.

[01] We’ll fix the existing one. We won’t provide a new product.