Brotherhood and Solidarity

We all have a collective responsibility in this world. There can be no sustainable development without respect of the principles of brotherhood, justice, equity and solidarity. These values are fundamental to each person of the Van Eyck Fine Jewelry team. We are fortunate to work in a world that shines, so it is our duty to give back a little bit of that light. That is why Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is committed to different association as “Enlighten”, a charity which helps people with Epilepsy, “Youth Diabetes Action” that supports women and men fighting to advance the medical progress of youth diabetes and “Liberty Asia” that works to prevent human trafficking and fights against slavery.

Papua Bird Club

We are supportive of the “Papua Bird Club,” an NGO based in Papua lead by Shita Prativi. Swopping the frivolity of an urban existence for a worthy cause, Shita is devoted to educating children in remote areas as well as preventing the extinction of this rare species. We share common values and life philosophies. Together we are determined to make a difference.