Edmond de Rothschild

Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is the Official Partner for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and its new Regatta Series 2015. The inaugural Edmond de Rothschild Regatta Series presents a unique opportunity for us to create a special trophy for the winners and an outstanding opportunity to present our design and craftsmanship to an ideal audience. Edmond de Rothschild wealth management ensured the success of the Rothschild family for two hundred and fifty years and has established itself over time as a leading player in European finance.

Fortis Riders Global

Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is the Official Partner of Fortis Riders. More private jet owners step off their planes and into a Fortis Riders vehicle than into any other service globally. Fortis Riders is recognized worldwide as a company working at the top level of the chauffeured service industry around the world. We are proud to share common approach working with high net worth individual’s customers.

Riviera Orientale

Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is the official partner of Riviera Orientale – Yachting Society. This Yachting Society is the premier luxury yacht charter company in Hong Kong. They are specialised in providing the finest private yachts with bespoke cruising experiences across the Hong Kong Islands.